Today is an important day.

Today I add to my Ode to Garbage exhibit at the museum!

Oh. But maybe I need to put them out for public display tomorrow. You know, really get into the spirit of the holiday.

Had to rearrange stuff, but I’m pretty sure these are a fittingly terrifying addition to the 2Spoopy4Creppy exhibit.

Nah. Sick of visitors for now. Go away.

Yeah, probably not.

Oh God. You’re pregnant? I didn’t realize I even got blackout drunk lately.

Oh thank God.

I’ve already got your pic. You don’t give me medicine when I get stung by bees. Go ahead and leave.

Yes yes. Safe travels.


Another month, another fetch quest.

At least in this case, the items aren’t hard to find.


And it gives me reason to care about balloons again.


But it also makes me feel the need to shake trees again. And you know what that means.


…you would do that for me?

Well, that settles it. Daisy is never leaving town. I will park myself in front of the railroad tracks if I have to.


Plus it’s kind of obvious when the fish in the pond is an egg. Nothing that big lives there.



Although there are a lot of false positives, especially when it just rained.


Though the theories that it’s just Phyllis may have some merit. They both have lovely eyes.


Look, whoever you are: the zipper is right there in your name. Stop being so self-conscious about it.


Maybe. Or maybe you didn’t make these things as rare as you thought. Which is quite annoying, considering your pic isn’t worth JACK SQUAT to the alpacas.


Give it to me. Or else.


You do bring up a good point though. After reading certain Creepypasta, I too am suspicious of Zipper’s odd ability to suddenly materialize eggs in all these unlikely places.

Don’t ask him to take off his head.


Excellent point.

It’s been a long time since he actually accepted one of my paintings. Feels good to accomplish something again.

Shovels? Wow, this is going to be a hardcore Easter egg hunt.

Shush Kiki. We’re not supposed to acknowledge that Easter is just trying to replace all pagan spring holidays.

Well I don’t freak out, hissing and running all over the place, if that’s what you mean.

Oh I can only imagine the stories you have to tell. You simply must share them sometime.

Sunny? That helmet… obscures a lot of your vision, doesn’t it Scoot?

You’re about a month late, Ables.

I recommend a net next time O’Hare. Or maybe just keep it on the hook.

Kind of cheap for royal outfits. But I guess they’ve got to compensate for the crown somewhere.

Oh crap. Did my bathrobe accidentally slide open?

Becoming the next Hokage?

Oh wow. All this time I thought you were an Octorok, when you’re actually one of those octopi aliens from WarioWare. Or an Octoomba. Either way, it explains the mouth.

I feel so dumb now.

Oh hi Monique. No, I’m more making sure that you’re not packing back up and leaving now that you’ve had time to see what Shi’tton is really about.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to say that with a straight face either.

So close, yet so far.

Huh. I mean, there’s not a huge pool of lookers to compare it against, but… well, if you say so.

Oh, did you happen to see this badge I wear on my bathrobe? Yeah, I caught every single fish there is to catch and some weird creep gave it to me. It is pretty impressive, isn’t it?

I know you’re trying to manipulate me to do your bidding by buttering me up. But that’s OK. I’ll gladly agree to your fetch quest and then not do it. Because it’s you.

Because nothing says HARDCORE like LOTS AND LOTS OF ZIPPERS. Rock on Ables!

Also Square Enix.

Talk to me when it’s still snowing in May. Otherwise you have no room to talk.

Well I don’t have any video games to play inside my house, so staying indoors would be kind of boring. Someone decided that they were too good for me, and I needed to play $5.00 a pop for them.

Ah yes. I almost forgot. The terrifying creature that wears the skin of another animal will soon be upon us, like some terrible Creepypasta.

Hopefully he brings some cool swag.

Absolutely. This is not at all because I’m too lazy to change. No Sir.

No. Wait your turn.

Do I have to make a decree that everyone has to wait for someone new too move in before they can even ask to move out? Because I will post that all over the town bulletin board. I will arm Booker. It won’t be loaded of course, because Booker’s an idiot and can’t be trusted with that kind of power. But it’ll look threatening.

Monique! I remember you! You’re that snooty cat who looks like Rose! And you’re a cat!

And she has a sense of humor about herself.

Hold on, Marina. You may have a chance to move out soon.

Is that like blue meth? Some special way of preparing it or something? I mean, I assume camping in another town is the ideal time to experiment with such things.

Is it you?

You know: the more I continue to not accept it when campers tell me no, they’re not moving, the dirtier I feel.

Still worth it though.

The joy of winning without having to show up for the awards ceremony.

Oh right, you. How did I end up letting Sally leave while you stayed?

Would the two of you just move in with each other already? I’m getting kind of sick of this. If you need me to like, legalize it first, or whatever, just let me know where to sign.

Kiki, you’re not this dumb. I think it’s about time you accepted that it’s not just your carpet you want to groom.

You said it Scoot.

And so, fishing for random swag that I’d never put in my house begins again!

If it was anywhere near here: it was a tire Marina. Just trust me on this: I speak from experience.

…ha! You crazy Marina. You crack me up.

Oh yeah. The cherry blossoms are gone. I kind of had hoped for a festival, but I guess they figured I wasn’t falling for the prank and gave up. And by they, I mean Isabelle.

I’m onto you.

Nice job solving whatever conflict was threatening to tear the town apart though. I guess.