Isabelle’s New 3DS dress.

(Guessing I’m not the first to make this.)

So excited for Smash Bros.!! So excited for Smash Bros.!! So excited for Smash Bros.!! So excited for Smash Bros.!! So excited for Smash Bros.!!

So excited for Smash Bros.!!


I mean, yeah: I ignored her for a month. BUT THAT’S NO EXCUSE.

You’re damn right! Did Isabelle give you a permit? Because I sure didn’t!

Well, still: at least Coco moving gives me the opportunity to have a new, interesting neighbor to move in.

Or another duck.

But… well, I’ve gotta say: she doesn’t bullshit me. It’s “Hi, I want to move here. You want me to move. Let’s do this.” No  games,  no trying to get money and furniture from me. It’s very refreshing.

Yeah, I think I’ll let her in. It’s not like there’s anyone better waiting in the-

Oh goddammit.

Well, technically it’s the Resettis’. But I paid for most of it.

…I’m not sure you understand how much it cost me to build it.

Well, whatever. Let’s put it behin-

Tell me that’s not yours.

My neighbors… they’re definitely one of a kind.

Shush Chrissy. Can’t you see that Julian’s still here?

Although I can’t complain about your species-ism too much. It does make me the most eligible bachelor you’ll encounter in this town.

Not that I think Julian’s interested either way.

Oh Daisy. Don’t you know that public works projects are for mayors that still give a shit?

Still, that’s a pretty useful idea. For me, I mean.

So: when’s the new stuff coming?

Isabelle face.

The day has finally come.

Without warning, Portia has decided to pack up her bags and leave.

Miracles do happen.

"Don’t let the door hit you" seems apropos.

…don’t look at me like that. It’s not my fault that none of you could find another town and have to sleep in the alley in front of Katrina’s! How was I supposed to know? And don’t give me that “you could at least build us some benches” nonsense. You guys don’t even cross the train tracks!

Oh, hey Julian. Forgot you’re still a neighbor.

I was going to make a joke here about Mabel’s sexism. That because it’s a “chick tee”, obviously I must be buying it for a woman.

But apparently there’s no joke to make.


So earlier in the week, my lovely girlfriend made mention of how she saw multiple shooting stars when she was driving home, even though neither of us heard anything about this in the news.

Then I turned on my game.

I think I may be losing my mind.

Anytime you want to complain about needing to explore new horizons, you let me know. ‘Cause no one here likes you Portia.

Scoot told me himself.

Goddamn you Chrissy. Goddamn you to Hell.

That’s right bitches. Bow down to your bug-hunting superior.

As usual: you can tell it’s Bug Hunting Day by how easy it is to catch rare fish. We call this ‘Animal Crossing Irony’.

I like fireworks night.

Robin Williams.
Ocarina of Time 3D commercial.

Robin Williams.

Ocarina of Time 3D commercial.

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